heatset ink manufacturer
Offset inks (sheetfed, web coldset and heatset, Pantone, metallic, fluorescent ink)
UV offset ink, UV coating
Ink additives (OP varnish, Coatings, drier, spray powder, fountain solution, etc)
Printing materials (PS plates, polyester film, chemicals, etc),Printing paper

Produce offset inks, UV inks, ink additives, etc
Export printing inks and printing materials
Import and distribute printing materials

We have been exporting printing inks, and printing materials to most of
Asian countries,
Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Pakistan,
Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc and Australia, and to
European and American countries, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia,
Romania, Poland, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, etc.

Further, we've been importing printing inks and materials from Japan, EU, China and India so as to distribute to our local market.