AS INC is devoting us to establish long-term business partnership with our customers by our core competencies high level technical competency, excellent quality products and high-valued customer support.
offset ink manufacturer
2009. 08   Got certificate of Korea Eco-Label
2009. 01   Got certificate of ISO 2846 conformance by PIA/GATF
2008. 11   Won 10Million Dollar Export Prize/Trade Day by the President
  Enrollment of prior registration to REACH
2006. 09   Got certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 from UKAS
2004. 09   Got certificate of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 / KSA 9001:2001
2003. 09   Moved Overseas Trading office to Youngdeungpo, Seoul
2002. 11   Won Special Prize by Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Industry & Energy
  Won 5- Million Dollar Export Tower/Trade Day by the President
2002. 06   The factory moved to 1534-1, Songjung-Dong, Kangseo-Ku, Busan, Korea
  Installed 4 units of Buhler K-240 Mill for producing offset ink
2000. 10   Installed 3 units of Buhler K-120 Mill for producing offset ink
1999. 11   Won 1-Million Dollar Export Tower/Trade Day by the President
1997. 07   Established Overseas Trading office at Yongsan, Seoul
1997. 03   Got license of Soyseal trademark by American Soybean Association
1996. 03   Established ink factory at 829, Janglim Dong, Saha-Ku, Busan, Korea